International Young Trade Union Leaders Training took place within the framework of the Project VS/2018/0030 “Promotion of Youth Workers Involvement and Decision Making in Trade Unions and Undertakings” on April 1-5, 2019 in Baltezers (Latvia).
25 young trade union workers and activists aged up to 35 from Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Montenegro took part in the Young Trade Union Leaders Training.

The training process was organized over 5 working days, during which there were different training activities related to the trade union work, industrial relations, social dialogue, collective bargaining, employee involvement in decision making in trade unions and companies, professional communication, public speech, non-verbal communication, trade union representation in the media and social networks, conflict resolution, management skills, etc.

The process of the training of young trade union leaders was ensured by highly qualified teachers:

  • Nataļja Preisa (Trade Unions and Social Dialogue)
  • Evija Čeprova (Socionics)
  • Edgars Kebbe (Trade Union Representation in the Media and Social Networks)
  • Krista Vāvere (Communication and Management Skills)

The training of young trade union leaders was organized using,, informal, easy-to-understand and suitable for young people under 35 training methods – quizzes, workshops, team games, group work, case studies, discussions, etc. A great emphasis within the training for young trade union leaders was put on practical activities – participants had to present the speeches, to participate in social dialogue and collective bargaining processes, to try the role of employer representatives, etc.

Participants of the Young Trade Union Leaders Training appreciated the knowledge gained, pointing out the importance of promoting the regular professional development of trade union representatives, in particular young trade unionists.

Young trade unionists will be able to use the knowledge gained to become more actively involved in trade union activities and to promote self-development, while at the same time strengthening the capacity and performance of the trade unions.