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What is Trade Union?

Trade union is an independent non-governmental organization and its’ objective is to represent and defend the labour and other social and economic rights and interests of its members. Trade unions focus on the needs of employees, try to achieve a steady increase in their incomes, protection of labour rights and the provision of social guarantees thus promoting the free and comprehensive development of a person. The trade union educates members on labour law, work safety and socio-economic issues, as well as provides members free assistance in solving situations related to labour relations, work safety and socio-economic issues. It represents the employee’s rights and interests in relations with the employer, as well as enables the creation and use of credit union companies, unemployment and other social insurance funds. Trade unions provide the opportunity to participate in trade union activities, trainings, courses, seminars and other events, as well as to meet like-minded people in Latvia and abroad.

Role of the Trade Union

Trade unions unite sectoral workers to defend their common labour, economic and social rights, as well as implement social dialogue with government and employers’ organizations. They represent the interests of employees in state administration institutions and courts, perform the expert examination of draft laws and other legal acts and elaborate proposals for changes. Trade unions organize the education of their members and participate in the international trade union movement.

Member Benefits

You can only benefit from being a member of trade union, and let us now specifically list some of the things that you can have as a union member:

  • free legal aid in employment disputes;
  • free advisory support;
  • an opportunity to participate in discussions with the employer;
  • an opportunity to participate in strikes as a legitimate union way of fight for the fulfillment of certain goals, etc.;
  • an opportunity to participate in collective bargaining and negotiations with the employer on working conditions;
  • an opportunity to learn and educate yourself through union work;
  • an opportunity to influence issues of relevance to safety and health at work;
  • an opportunity to create and implement various campaigns on subjects relevant to young people, work and social rights of employees.

So, be the one to have all these opportunities. Be actively involved in the world of work beyond your employment for the benefit of all employees and for your own benefit. Be a member of trade union!