Frequently Asked Questions

Young people are the future members of the labour market and the sooner they know and understand their rights at work, the better and more secure work environment they will create. Within the framework of the project, young trade unionists from different countries will meet and have a training for young trade union leaders, thus providing the opportunity to share the idea of trade unions in their countries and at their workplaces, thus bringing together more and more trade union activists. It helps to get to know and understand what young people are missing from communicating with trade unions, as well as what are the most important needs when starting a job. By sharing and accumulating experiences from partner countries you can get ideas on mechanisms of cooperation between labour market participants and trade unions and how to find a way to each other.

The workplace provides young people with growth and career opportunities, so it is essential to be involved in making of a variety of decisions that can affect future development of both the employees and the company. Employers want to employ in their companies ambitious and confident employees, so engaging in making different decision would provide the opportunity to persuade the employer on your skills and willingness to work together also in future. Young people can participate in common decision-making at employee meetings or in solving the current problems with the employer, as well as can take an initiative to solve various problem situations and achieve company goals.

Trade unions advise, educate and represent the interests of members. Young people’s opinion and involvement provide the opportunity to further develop and improve the trade union movement, as well as motivate other young people to join the trade union. Young people in the trade union are equal to the long-term members, so each individual complaint, proposal and solution to the problem situation will be taken into account. Trade unions participate in the implementation of a number of projects, thus enabling also young people and other members to engage in and find out about current issues and jointly achieve the goals and objectives. Young people are also encouraged to get involved in the daily work of the trade union, expanding their horizons and accumulating experience in important and interesting affairs and issues.